Riverside Grooming

The No-Flea Zone

Flea-freedom! At last… Riverside Grooming will help you tackle your pet’s flea problem.

When your pet enters our doors, he/she has now stepped into The No Flea Zone.
This friendly little video explains our No Flea policy and suggests products for those who may have been cursed with a flea infestation.

Cat Grooming in Riverside

Many people don’t know that Cats need grooming too. While many people think that cats “groom themselves”, it is simply not true. Cats have little barbs on the tongue which pulls out loose hair. They swallow this hair and it gets in the digestive tract. Hairballs are quite dangerous to the throat and the intestines. Professional grooming is not just a luxury – it is quite necessary.

Let’s talk about dander. Do you know what dander actually is? Dander is a combination of a protein called Fel d 1. This comes from the sebaceous glands, the saliva and a cat’s urine. Dander is not the same thing as dandruff. Dander is actually microscopic particles of dried saliva and dead skin. When cats lick themselves they are spreading this Fel d 1 all over their bodies. Wonder why so many people are “allergic” to cats. There lies one answer.

Professional grooming on a regular basis helps to eliminate these issues.

At Riverside Grooming, we’re trained specialists in working with cats. The techniques we use help cats get through the process as soothingly as possible.

Some cats require expert handling. That’s what we do. If your cat is due for nail trimming, brushing, clipping, ear cleaning and bathing, give us a call. While we don’t take appointments, we do request you call a day in advance to make sure one of our Cat Specialists will be available the next day.


Is Your Dog Shedding Hair?


The warm weather of Riverside is starting to kick in again. That means many dogs are ready to shed their winter coats.

It also means that you will begin seeing a lot of hair accumulate in your home.

Dogs can get very uncomfortable carrying around bucket loads of extra dead hair on their bodies.

Riverside Pet Grooming is known for its high-quality de-shed treatments.

We begin by preparing the coat with special conditioning sprays for desheding

We then begin the bathing process using a special machine desiged for removing the undercoat. This machine will take out the majority of the undercoat right in the tub. It has a special nozzle designed for deshedding. With the techniques we use and the special shampoo and conditioner, we are able to safely get that undercoat out for your pet right there in the tub, as he enjoys his nice refreshing bath. No more stressful dry deshedding sessions or endless furmination.

Your dog wants to get the job done too.

Now we begin the drying process with one of our high velocity dryers.

The Coat is sprayed with special formulas that help the coat to release the remaining undercoat.

Then we finish off the process with the Mars Tool and/or furminator depending on coat type we are working with.

Finally, we go over it with a very fine tooth comb to smooth out and make sure no spots of heavy undercoat were missed.

If you’re in need of a deshedding treatment, come by. We’ll get the job done right.

You won’t believe your eyes how lovely your pet’s coat will look.

Should I shave my dog’s hair or have him de-shedded?

Shaving vs. Deshedding


  • Risk of overheating or heat stroke is increased due to lack of “insulation”.
  • Dog still continues to shed profusely.
  • Coat may not grow back especially in older dogs.
  • Coat may grow in sparsely, creating an unattractive look.
  • Risk of skin cancer is greatly increased.
  • Shaved dogs should wear sunscreen when exposed to sunlight.
  • Coat will grow back thicker with each shaving, creating a more dense coat that will shed even more.


  • Dogs will sometimes need a follow-up deshed treatment to fully remove winter undercoat. We offer a 2nd deshed within 14 days after initial treatment at the price of a Brush/Bath only.
  • Dogs may have increased shedding for 1-3 days after treatment, as the coat will continue to drop out, from follicle stimulation.
  • Dogs still have natural heating and cooling capability decreasing chances of overheating.
  • Dogs are more comfortable when properly deshedded.