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Riverside Grooming is here to serve the Riverside community for all their pets’ care in quality hygiene care and grooming needs.

It’s been over 5 years already since we opened our first salon in Riverside. With our tremendous expansion, we opened our second salon at 10555 Indiana Ave., between Tyler and La Sierra, which also offers Doggie Day Care!

  • 2013, 2014 & 2015 “Best of Riverside” Award for Pet Groomers
  • Reader’s Choice award: “Best Place to Get Your Pet Groomed” – Press Enterprise
  • “One of the highest rated Animal Grooming companies in the Los Angeles area.” – Angie’s List
  • “Stellar reputation” – Yelp

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Mission Statement

Riverside Grooming has the mission to be the most convenient Pet Salon in Southern California. Each and every customer and pet that comes through our doors is treated with the respect they deserve. Our intention is to groom each pet to their owner’s expectations, and to further exceed in customer service.

First Policy: “Quality Counts”

We thank you for choosing us. We hope to earn the place in your heart for your family’s pet care needs.

Award winning Pet Groomers in Riverside will treat your loving pet like royalty!

Here’s a little compilation of some of our lovely pets for the month of October 2017.


RascalThis is Rascal, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who visits us regularly at Riverside Pet Grooming. He’s an active, happy and very good boy. Dogs that are groomed once a month know the routine and are familiar with the sounds, smells and sensations of being touched on all areas of their bodies during the grooming process. This makes for a happier dog during the grooming experience. We’re glad your humans care enough to bring you to see us often Rascal!

Our Christmas Party 2017

Here’s a little slideshow of us at our Holiday Party. Not only do we have a great time taking care of Riverside’s pets, but we actually enjoy hanging out with each other too! Hope you like our little video.

Have a great Holiday Season. We’ll see you at your next groom!! Be sure to give your pet a big hug for us.

Gift Cards Now Available

The holidays have come around again and we have the perfect gift solution for all pet lovers in Riverside. Riverside Grooming Gift Cards!

These handy cards are the perfect stocking stuffer (or Christmas card stuffer) for the pet-owners. They are rechargeable and can be used all year long, similar to cards you see sold in restaurants and retail stores.

They can also be used all year long for birthday gifts, graduation gifts, or simply a way for you to pre-pay for your routine grooming services.

September Groomers in Action

Here’s our September video for 2017. Here we can enjoy watching some of our expert Groomers at work, starting with Ashlee. Ashlee does really nice work with many breeds. Here we see her shaving down a very excited Golden Retriever who we all love.

Then you’ll enjoy watching our fantastic Chasity at work. She’s really good with the pets. Her handling skills are exceptional and she’s always getting great 5-star reviews on the internet from our clients.

Then we’ll check out Christina in action. A 3rd-generation Pet Groomer, she and her husband, Shawn do tremendous work at Riverside Grooming.

Next, we will have a sneak peek at Erica utilizing her Grooming mastery as she works some fine scissoring skills. Erica has been with Riverside Grooming for many years and has seen it all. She’s a tremendous asset and we love working with her.

And now (drum roll please) we get a look into the multi-faceted world of Paula as she does some of her de-shedding magic. We’ll also see her with some of our precious kitties in action. Many people probably know Paula from our Mobile service.

We hope you enjoy this September edition of our Groomers in Action!

How To Be A Successful Pet Parent When You Have Children

(article by Jessica Brody)

Pets are wonderful companions, but when you have a family it’s important to take into consideration what everyone’s needs are and how well you’ll be able to care for an animal. Young children need a pet that will be patient and not too nervous around a lot of activity, while older kids might enjoy having a puppy they can help train and take care of.

No matter what age your kids are, you’ll want to be sure to educate them about how to properly handle the animal and help take care of it, as a family pet is a family responsibility. Training the dog on how to behave around the kids is also a must, as you don’t want any accidents that could have been prevented.

Here are a few of the best ways to be a successful pet parent when you have kids.

Talk to your kids

Before you bring home a new pet, talk to your children about how things will change around the house. For instance, you might want them to take an active interest in the animal’s care– feeding, walking, playtime– or you may need to prepare them for how much attention a puppy will need, both day and night.

Prepare your home

Having things ready at your home for your new pet will go a long way towards helping him feel safe and comfortable. Stock up on food and treats, buy a collar and leash, food and water bowls, bedding and toys, and any bathroom necessities and have them all ready to go. It’s also a good idea to think about a kennel if you’re getting a puppy so that you can train him to sleep there; this way, when you have to go out during the day, he won’t be upset about being alone.

You’ll also want to think about how you’ll handle your pet’s needs when you’re away. If you and your family members are unable to be home during the day, consider hiring a dog walker to come and let him out/feed him so you’ll have a happy pup when you get home.

Teach your kids how to interact with the pet

Most kids love animals, but some little ones can be a bit rambunctious, which can cause problems with some pets. It’s important to teach your family the best ways to interact with the pet and what not to do. Some of the most important things to remember when it comes to dogs are that you should avoid direct eye contact, stay calm when playing or petting, and give him some time to himself every now and then.

It’s also important to train the dog, as well. You can find obedience classes near you or simply look up some tips online on how best to train him to sit, stay, and do many other tasks and tricks.

Give positive reinforcement

When your pet successfully sleeps through the night, enters the kennel without complaint, goes potty outside or in a litter box, or performs a task, reward him with positive reinforcement. Give a treat, show him some love, and be vocal about how proud you are of him. This can really help pets remember the right ways to behave in the future.

Remember to stay patient with your new pet– and your children– during the first few weeks. It can be a difficult transition for some pets to move into a new home with lots of new people, so keep things on the calm side and help him stay relaxed, safe, and happy.