Riverside Grooming

Clean Dog Grooming in Riverside

Being in the animal hygiene business, we make it our business to keep a clean shop!

For your assurance, we wanted to let you know that we sterilize our grooming tools with a product called Clippercide, which is similar to Barbasol, used in barber shops. We have every intention of keeping all of our clients’ pets safe from bacteria, viruses and fungi, which may get transmitted from one pet to the next.

We also use various precautions to prevent the possibility of fleas moving on your pet from another who visits our salon. We use pads in our crates which are switched out and cleaned daily.

We sanitize our floors and tubs with such products as Odoban. We spray disinfectant on our tables in between pets throughout the day.

Cleanliness is one of the key ingredients to our Motto: Quality Counts!