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Chocolate + Dogs = Trouble

With the holidays approaching, we must once again warn our clients not to give chocolate to their dogs. Actually, we’d better warn to not have chocolate anywhere near where your dog can get to it. This means trick or treats, assorted chocolates boxes on the coffee table, brownies, fudge, etc.

Dogs can get very tempted, just like you can – so take extra precautions to keep them out of reach.

Why is chocolate so toxic to dogs?

Because it contains a stimulant called “theobromine”, which affects the nervous system and heart. It also increases urination, but the main point is that dogs’ systems can’t metabolize it and it begins to build up the toxin levels, which can lead to serious health conditions and even death! Caffeine is also in chocolate, which is also a canine toxin.

So take care of your pets as if they were your children. They will love you just the same without any chocolate at all!