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Glow & Grow | Lovely Locks

Glow and Grow is a Parmesan Cheese based product that is added to your dogs food. It is high palatable and dogs love it. Glow and Grow contains dehydrated fats and do not turn into trans fats, the harmful fats, in your dogs system. The fats in Glow and Grow are highly absorbable so you dog gets the full benefit of the calories and sustainable energy from these fats. Growing dogs, debilitated dogs that are sick or injured and in need of extra energy to keep up with demands benefit from this readily available source of energy. Performance, therapy and service dogs also gain from using this product due to their increased stress levels and need for added endurance.

Glow and grow also has amino acids in it that are effective in detoxing the kidneys and liver. Also very important for optimum health and mental clarity and stress reduction.

Lovely locks is a supplement that contains Vitamin H. also known as Biotin. Now, you don’t hear much about Vitamin H but it is a key component to supporting  thyroid gland function. Thyroid function is directly related to hair and coat so by supplementing your dogs diet with Lovely Locks you can expect to see a gorgeous, shiney, thick coat on your dog.