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Health Tips: Wellness Pops

Dogs can get sick, just like people do. One of the main things that allows disease to set in is a low immune system. Some of the most common incidents where this can occur are:

  • First time vet visits
  • Travel to new places
  • Doggie day care
  • Boarding
  • Puppies going to new homes
  • Newly-rescued dogs
  • Elderly pets
  • Other situations where new pathogens or disease may be encountered

Just as you would have your medicine handy in your own cabinet, we would like to suggest that you have something for your canine friend.

Wellness Pops are a unique one-time single serving packet of powerful herbs, homeopathics and probiotics for spontaneous use. They are very easy to use: Just pour in mouth, mix with liquid and give by mouth or, lastly, add to food if not able to give by mouth.

Made with organic ingredients! 

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