Riverside Grooming

Our Shampoos

After being in the industry for over 30 years, having had several grooming businesses and hundreds of dog shows under our belts, we have carefully selected only the finest shampoos for our clients. In fact, we are convinced that the shampoo products we use are the best quality available. Plus, these shampoos are made right here in the United States.

Our shampoos contain natural, chemical-free ingredients with soothing aromatherepeutic fragrances. Often when we bath our clients’ dogs, depending on the breed, color and type of coat, we give them 2 baths, one for basic cleaning and the other for color enhancement. Texture of the coat also plays a part in our choosing the correct product.

It’s good to know that the shampoos we use are natural, because we like to give them a nice, warm soaking. These wonderful shampoos help to bring out the most vibrant color in the coat.

One of our stylists has very sensitive hands. It actually became a problem for her. Her hands would crack and burn due to excessive use of other so-called quality shampoos, day in and day out. After switching to these great shampoos, her irritations vanished. This certainly demonstrates that many dogs and cats have skin irritations due to shampoos that are being used out there.

Also, when it’s appropriate, we will use certain conditioners which are most suitable for any given pet.

We’re confident that the shampoos we use will make a big difference for your pet.