Riverside Grooming

Panzer Panzik – the German Shepherd

A little over a month ago, we were fortunate enough to have someone walk onto our gated 5-acre ranch in the middle of the night and drive away with one of our cars. I hope this never happens to you.

What to do about that? Well, after going through driving around, visiting scumbag neighborhoods, filing a police report, etc., we did get a phone call a couple days later. Somebody up in Lake Mathews said this car had been sitting by the road at her house. She called the number for Riverside Grooming, from the magnets on the door. We went up there, met with a Sherriff and got our car. No damage was done. Must have been a teenager who decided to come rip off a car and have a joy ride. Thank goodness, we got our car back!

Well immediately, Jacki’s thought was to get a guard dog… a German Shepherd. Now that’s an interesting thought. I’d never owned a German Shepherd, although we’ve had many of them in our grooming shops over the years.

She went on the internet and spotted this beautiful male that was in the Moreno Valley shelter. She saw it on a Thursday night and so we had to drool over him the whole weekend until we could show up and meet him.

Early Monday morning we were there a half hour early to meet him. I already had a name picked out for him, “Panzer”. Hey, why not, our name is Panzik. Panzer is a brand of a German war tank and that’s what we wanted to protect our property.

Well since that time Panzer’s been quite the challenge getting him grooved in. He’s about a year and a half old. The shelter didn’t have any info on where he came from. For all we know, he’s been a stray living in the wild for months. When we first got him he needed a round of antibiotics to knock off anything he may have gotten at the shelter. Of course we hit him with our probiotic products to counter that, once that was completed. He had ticks, fleas and lice. Our wonderful staff took care of that for us at the shop. Also, he was very shy and quite undernourished. With our grain-free foods and raw diet, he has recovered to remarkable health.

Now he goes on regular walks with us around the property and at the sports parks. Every Saturday morning, I take him for his obedience training at Adlerhorst International in Jurupa. The dude’s having the time of his life. I hope you get the chance to meet Panzer sometime, either at the park or the shop. He’s becoming a real good buddy in our family, and he’s very well loved!

Below is a video of him at the pound, then straight to the Groomers, Clesta and Candice, getting the lice, ticks and fleas handled. Time getting acquainted with his new daddy and then a moment to reflect on his new life at Admiration Ranch!