Riverside Grooming

Pet Grooming Improves Pet Behavior


Research by experts at otcvetmeds.com, states that pet grooming is essential not only to maintain hygiene and good health, but also to encourage good pet behavior. According to the statistics reports submitted by specialists at otcvetmeds.com, 95% pets are healthy and obedient when groomed on a regular basis, by pet owners or by professional groomers.

We couldn’t agree more. I would like to add, however, that there’s also a very special bonding process that occurs when a pet owner bathes his own pet. At Riverside Grooming, we offer our facilities for self-service as well. It allows the pet to get oriented in the grooming shop with its owner. This assures him that he is safe and that from now on, when he comes to the shop that everything is okay…even if being dropped off for full-service grooming.