Riverside Grooming

Prepare for the Winter Months

Pet Grooming is certainly necessary in the summer months when it’s hot outside. But keeping your pet groomed during the winter is just as important.

First of all, during the winter months your pet won’t be able to go swimming. It’s time to be indoors for the most part and that’s when we should look and smell our best around the house.

For longer-haired pets, keeping the hair fuller is important to stay warmer. That means that hair needs to be cleaned and brushed out. Nobody wants a matted, smelly pet around. Dogs who get cut short for summer time fun are now needing more coat left on them. This means brushing often is essential. A simple “brush & fluff” service (no-bath) is available at our salon year-round, for a nominal fee. This avoids matting and profuse shedding for those dogs who shed hair. Or we can do a simple “brush & bath” withe a “tidy-up” (light trim) to keep your pet comfortable throughout the season.

Of course, the toenails need to be trimmed; ears kept clean and anal glands must be expressed as a regular routine for good health and comfort.

So, let’s all gear up for the winter and make that trip to the salon. Let’s stay cozy and warm together until springtime!