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The day I adopted Toto(Maltese/Yorkie mix), I took him to your shop in the Target Shopping Center and did not expect him to look so great in such a short amount of time. I also noticed a change in his attitude once he was groomed. He was not skittish and I’m sure he was thrilled that he no longer had knotted fur. He looked great! Complete with a Halloween handkerchief! I showed him off to my family that lives in the area, they agreed and said that he looked adorable.

That same night, I had taken him out to potty and he somehow got loose from his leash. I chased him for as long as I could, but it was no use, he had run off. My husband and I looked for him everywhere, as well as other family members. No one could find him. I was devastated. I didn’t know I would feel so strongly about losing him within the 1st day of having him.

The next day, I received a call from your shop informing me that another client of yours had seen him in the Home Depot Shopping center and noticed his handkerchief. Thankfully, that clue led them to bring him to your shop. Upon receiving him, your staff called me to ask if I had lost Toto. I was overjoyed, I did not think that I would be reunited with him.

Thank you so much for all that you have done for Toto and for my family. Toto not only got a great haircut and a new found confidence, but for truly taking care of the entire family. Also big thank you to whom ever found Toto. We truly thank you for helping to bring him back safely to our home.

-Moya Family

I was very impressed with our first grooming experience. My dog was beautifully groomed and came home very relaxed. The price was reasonable for the quality of work. We will definitely be return customers.

– Deborah Haught

My dog never looked better after his grooming here.

– Kathy Scileppi

I have taken my 8 month old shih tzu “Bella” to a couple of places, and noone ever made her look so beautiful like you guys did. The haircut, around the face especially, she looks amazing. Thank you for your quality of work.

– Maria Barillas

Just wanted to thank you for giving your time, craft, and knowledge to us yesterday.

It is truly a wonderful thing you did!!!

Twelve Camacho
Event Coordinator
Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center

“I have been a loyal customer from the very beginning and am ALWAYS so pleased with the kindness and quality of services provided both with grooming as well as boarding care!
“Our beloved Lola passed away a few months ago. Jacki, Don and the staff took such good care of her and were so supportive and kind when she passed.
“I am so excited to have a new puppy, and couldn’t wait to bring her in for her first grooming yesterday! Of course it was a wonderful experience, everyone was so friendly and accommodating , and Molly was happy and groomed to perfection when I picked her up!!
“Molly will be back often!!
“We love Riverside Grooming!!”
– Leslie Ryerson

We were very happy with the grooming for Sophie. You did an exceptional job and we were thoroughly pleased with the great job. This is a new venture for us as we have never owned a dog that required this level of grooming. You and your staff were very friendly and seemed to genuinely enjoy their work. Thanks again for a job well done!
– Sheri Torelli

Thank you very much! We love her new look. Job well done.
– Thomas Family

I recently brought in my dog, Shadow, for grooming and you did a wonderful job. I am allergic to pet dander and have not been able to pet my dog for quit some time, as it causes me to break out in a rash. Since I brought her home I haven’t stopped petting her. Thank you very much.
– Chris N Stephanie Tate Facebook comment

I brought my dog here for the first time and I was impressed by the customer service. Will definitely bring my pug Roxy back. Thanks for taking care of my pet.
– Christine Lopez

I’ve been to other pet grooming places that made my dog look ok, however, after she left your shop, she looked awesome. Prettier than she has ever looked in the past.
– Greta Cohen

You did a fabulous job.
– Janet Kohtz

Having happy, healthy dogs with no razor burn is my top priority!  You have done a great job!

Madeline is easily stressed and prone to razor burn.  She has come home from your shop tired but relaxed and happy.  Toulouse looks the best ever!

See you in a few weeks!

– Eileen Paine

I was very pleased in how both my dogs were groomed. They were clean, happy and groomed just how I asked:) I will definitely come back.

– Lilian Viorato

I had such a great experience bringing my dog, Ashby. Thank you so much for making her look BEAUTIFUL! I just posted a review on yelp too. The store had 4 stars and now has 4 1/2 stars. 🙂 I will definitely be coming back and recommending your store to others. Thank you so much!

My dog, Ashby, was in serious need of a hair cut and grooming from head to toe. When I picked her up, I couldn’t believe it. She looked amazing and SHE felt good. For days after, I could tell she was more happy. It’s as if she knew she looked great and was seriously glowing! I will definitely be bringing Ashby back and I’m so relieved we found Riverside Grooming. Thanks again!

– Liz J.

Was very pleased with my first visit. I will be back again in several months with both of my dogs.

Jan Tavaglione

You guys did a fantastic job on our babies Charlie and Angel, we need to set up another appointment as soon as possible.

– MaryAnn Moore

Best place in Riverside to take your cat or dog for grooming…..

– Susan Shill Covendell

the absolute best for your dog, your dog will look great and smell great for weeks

I LOVE YOUR PLACE! Yesterday was my first time for the self service, it was a fantastic experience. All the things I needed were there for me, including a apron, thank you for that. You even had cotton and ear cleaner, who would think to supply that.
Thank You for everything, and I will be telling my dog friends!

– Yolanda Granaada

You all are amazing. My dogs were so happy and so well groomed when I picked them up. It was truly amazing. I have told everyone that I have talked about about your business and highly recommended it and I will continue too. You see to really love your job and the animals and that is so very important and you don’t seem to want to hurry, you seem to want to take your time and do the job right and make the animal number one.

My dogs were so happy when I picked them up. They were very well groomed and so mellow. I loved the way the staff seemed to take their time with the dogs and the love they showed each one of my dogs. I have Pomeranian, so they require a lot of grooming and they were so wonderful looking. Thank you so much Riverside Grooming, I will definitely bring them back to you again.

– Kati Powell

The staff is great I only met and spoke with Don but he was really friendly and took in both of my Beagles with such warmth and comfort I felt good walking out of the store knowing my pups were in great hands!

This is by far the best grooming parlor I have taken my dogs to. I am the pickiest person in regards to where I take my pups to get groomed. I have been all over Riverside, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills but none of the other parlors have treated my beagles like one of their own and done and outstanding job on them. It is the 3rd day since they been groomed and their coat is still soft, shiny, and smelling like berries!

– Laura Del Cid

First time at Riverside Grooming, and it was the BEST and most thorough grooming our Golden Retriever has ever had. I highly recommended the de-shedding. It’s been 2 weeks and no shedding! Our baby is clean, soft, smells great and most importantly, she’s happy! Thanks for a great experience.

– Jon and Linda Owens

The Riverside Grooming staff is so knowledgeable and are able to give good, sound advice regarding my pets. I really appreciate your words of wisdom. My Teddy is healthier now than when i first brought him to you, and i thank you for that.

– Freda Oppenheim

Thank you! It was our first time and we will definitely be back.

– Vicki Carrigan

Cookie seemed quite content and most beautiful after her “spa” day with you.

– Joan Royce

(Cookie is a kitty)

From Boarding Client:

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Lola while we were away on vacation! It was so nice to know she was in your loving care while we were out of the country! (And I suspect it was a fun vacation for her too!) – Sincerely, Leslie & Lola

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The staff was friendly, and Goldie came back perfectly groomed, probably the best I have ever seen her. I will definitely be recommending this place to my friends.

– Julie Valker

Excellent grooming technique and upscale grooming salon. 🙂

Knowledgable expertise about cut and grooming for specific breed types… 🙂

– Diane Allard

Were very happy with our first visit, our dog was very well groomed.

– New Client (11/15/11)

This was the first time that we had been there and we were treated like long time customers.

– Mary Scott

My Lily had a wonderful experience at Riverside Grooming…she is a sweet chihuahua mix but is usually very anxious when she is not with me…when we walked in she was immediately greeted and seemed to be happy to be there! When I picked her up, she seemed to prance right out proudly showing off her cute yellow bandana, smelling like fresh baked cookies! This was her first experience at the groomers but surely not her last!!! I think she enjoyed the pampering….maybe next time we’ll get her nails done!!!

– Yelp review: Christy F.

They did a WONDERFUL job on my yorkie Skye, he felt so good he gave goodbye kisses..LOL!!

– Yelp review: Vita W.

I am so glad that riverside pet grooming has a opened I now have a place to refer my customers if they are moving to this area. There grooming is amazing the staff is caring and experienced . They are Groomer and veterinarian recommend.

– Yelp review: Christine T.

My terrier mutt looks like a movie star after his visit. Excellent staff and very positive experience.

– Yelp review: Vicki B.

Wow they did an Awesome Job on my dog Holly. She had her nails painted and they even put a jewel on her nail and put on a Barbie bandana on her. She came out looking fabulous and smelling GREAT! Her coat was so soft. The prices were great, they didn’t try to sell me more stuff, they even have a self service wash but I stuck with the Full service wash and I’m so glad we did because Holly looks GREAT! The staff is sooooo friendly, caring and full of smiles…I highly recommend this place and I will definatly be going back! THANK YOU RIVERSIDE GROOMING!!

– Yelp review: Love, Holly and Christy

My doggie needs to get dolled up at times too so when I finally managed to get the chance to get her groomed and lookin’ cute, I decided to give this place a shot.

The groomers here are very friendly and welcoming. The store is kept, so I felt at ease to leave her there…later I was delighted to see my doggie. She looked so fresh and clean. And smelled like coconut. They took great care of her. Trimmed her nails and gave her a haircut I requested for.

They place is also a self-service spa too!

– from Yelp review by Wendee H.

Thanks for doing a great job on my 2 Cocker Spaniels they were both happy and looked great!!!

– Laurie Graham

I appreciate the time and care you take on your clients pet’s. This is the third time coming in with Tippie and each time when I pick her up I am so glad I found you and took a chance originally. Riverside Grooming has earned my vote and business. Thank you!

– Chad

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