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5-Star Yelp Reviews:

LOVE this place! And so does my dog, Ashby. 🙂 Our entire experience was great from start to finish and I could tell from the moment we walked in that Ashby was going to be in wonderful hands. She looked adorable when I picked her up and I’m so glad we found this place. Definitely coming back!

5-Star Yelp Reviews:

My compliments to the folks at Riverside Grooming. My doggies have never looked better! Unfotunately, with my busy schedule, I don’t get my little guys into the groomer as much as I’d like (or they need), so consequently, they get a little matted by the time I finally get them in to be groomed. In the past, groomers have scolded me and told me the only solution is to shave them down. The groomers at Riverside Grooming not only were friendly, professional, and courteous, but they took the time and brushed out my Malti-Poo and Morkie without shaving them down. My family and friends raved about how great they looked. Thank you Riverside Grooming—we’ll be back!!!

Riverside Grooming did such an amazing job on my 5 month old puppy! They took their time making sure that my little guy was comfortable, being the fact it was only his second time to the groomers. They are very personable and great with puppys!

I took my German Shepherd in last week. They offer a service where you can wash your dog using their equipment and supplies. I thought I would give it a try. Having such a large dog it is quite expensive to have them professionally groomed. (and I have 3) It was a wonderful experience. They have everything you need. A huge tube. All the shampoo you need, cool scrubbing tools, towels, dryers. The table to dry him raises up. This is the first time I didn’t end up with a sore back after grooming a dog. They were there to give suggestions through out the whole bathing time. It was a wonderful experience, I’ll be taking my other Shepherd in next week.

My terrier mutt looks like a movie star after his visit. Excellent staff and very positive experience.

WOW!! This place is Amazing!!! This is my first time taking my dog here and it certainly will NOT be our last. I have tried so many places before coming here and I always seemed to leave disappointed but I am truly impressed on the way they left my lil’ guy. He’s never looked better. They knew exactly how I wanted his haircut and definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you Riverside Grooming, you truly are the best =]

Our dogs, Rosco and Maxwell, are our babies. We have tried many other groomers in the area, and just were NOT happy. They are very spoiled, and need special care. When we would bring them home they were freaked out, and would not eat. This was the first place they liked. Now I wont go anywhere else. Thank you for doing such a great job, and making them look like boys! There the best!

My Lily had a wonderful experience at Riverside Grooming…she is a sweet chihuahua mix but is usually very anxious when she is not with me…when we walked in she was immediately greeted and seemed to be happy to be there! When I picked her up, she seemed to prance right out proudly showing off her cute yellow bandana, smelling like fresh baked cookies! This was her first experience at the groomers but surely not her last!!! I think she enjoyed the pampering….maybe next time we’ll get her nails done!!!

Our first encounter with Riverside Grooming was to use the self service wash for our Golden Retriver “Otto”. After seeing Jackie the groomer work on another Retriver at the time we knew we had the right place. They listened to our request for his cut and we could not have been happier. The shop is neat and clean and has some great gifts for our pooch. We look forward to returning.

They did a WONDERFUL job on my yorkie Skye, he felt so good he gave goodbye kisses..LOL!!

Riverside Grooming is the BEST! I work at a Vet clinic and I refer Clients to them because: They are SOO friendly, Caring, Loving, they do not man handle, they treat all the animals as if they were their own and they are reasonable in Price,which works for everyone(: I first went to them with my Shih-poo “Aaliyah” and they did an AMAZING job, I didn’t even recognize her, she was white as can be, nails trimmed, ears plucked and some people might not know this but they even clean your dogs ears for you. My dog was jumping and having a good time in their lobby, I took to her other groomers before and well she was headed out the door! All I can say if you want your Furbabie to have the BEST experience and be loved on, then this is the right place for both you and your Pet! Oh, they even have a “Self-serve wash” so you can wash your baby there with all the right tools!

I am so glad that riverside pet grooming has a opened I now have a place to refer my customers if they are moving to this area. There grooming is amazing the staff is caring and experienced . They are Groomer and veterinarian recommend.

Kobi Loves Riverside Grooming, and they love Kobi. She is a very very rowdy dog and I am pretty sure she must be very hard to groom, but they never complain and she always comes out looking great. I would definetley recommend anyone to take their pets to Riverside Grooming. And I usually just walk in- no appt needed-that is the best. thanks Deborah Dade

Wow they did an Awesome Job on my dog Holly. She had her nails painted and they even put a jewel on her nail and put on a Barbie bandana on her. She came out looking fabulous and smelling GREAT! Her coat was so soft. The prices were great, they didn’t try to sell me more stuff, they even have a self service wash but I stuck with the Full service wash and I’m so glad we did because Holly looks GREAT! The staff is sooooo friendly, caring and full of smiles…I highly recommend this place and I will definatly be going back! THANK YOU RIVERSIDE GROOMING!!

– Love, Holly and Christy

My doggie needs to get dolled up at times too so when I finally managed to get the chance to get her groomed and lookin’ cute, I decided to give this place a shot. The groomers here are very friendly and welcoming. The store is kept, so I felt at ease to leave her there. An hour in half later I was delighted to see my doggie. She looked so fresh and clean. And smelled like coconut. They took great care of her. Trimmed her nails and gave her a haircut I requested for. I think the minimum price for grooming is $45, but varies upon size. I think it is very much worth it though. They place is also a self-service spa too!

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