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Mobile Dog Grooming in Riverside

riverside mobile dog grooming

Exciting new Mobile Pet Grooming service in Riverside is now available. We offer full service in Riverside as a satellite pet salon to our base shops.

Imagine the convenience of having our professional grooming services pull up to your doorstep with a fully functioning salon ready to give your pet a great spa day! No fuss of going to the shop, getting the car ready for the road. It’s all done right then and there for you.

You can’t beat the convenience. And our friendly staff is ready to greet and treat your pet with the TLC you’ve come to expect from Riverside Grooming. Mobile dog grooming in Riverside at its finest.

Our mobile units are booked by appointment only, so call in advance. We recommend that you read our Release Form and have your Registration Form filled out before we arrive. You can find them at these links:

Release Form

Registration Form