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Summer Events for You and Your Dog

What you can do to have fun with your dog this summer?

Exciting news! The American Kennel Club has opened it’s entries for fun events pet owners can do with their mixed breed dogs as well as unregistered pure-breeds. Dogs love participating in these events. Dog sports are fun ways for both humans and canines to stay active and healthy. Both dogs and owners establish relationships with others that can be lasting and meaningful face to face, not just through a computer keyboard.

Not sure what to do with your bored teen this summer?

These activities are wonderful for young folks and teach many value skills that can come in handy in developing a happy and fulfilling life: Mixed Breed Events

Looking for Fun Dog Training?

Check out these folks in Woodcrest: Camp Wanna Q Agility Playground
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We hope to hear about your adventures having fun with your canine companions!