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Water Softener Systems at Riverside Grooming

At Riverside Grooming we love to exceed expectations of our clients. So we figured, why not go further in caring for the pets in our community. We have installed a water system that is not only great for upkeep on our salons, but excellent for your dog’s skin and coat. The softened water system we have is great for many different reasons. Hard water can leave scales and plaque behind on your dog’s skin and coat it may even leave it feeling rough ifUntitled-4 copy it is just washed without conditioners. At Riverside Grooming you will never have to worry about your pet coming in contact with hard water!

The softening water system uses Citra Charing agents to bind and isolate the calcium that would normally build up in any regular water system. It also raises the pH of the water to 10 (normal tap water is 7) this helps to minimize or diminish scales from forming. Its is almost as if we are bathing your dog with bottled water. It is safe to drink right out of the faucet. What a wonderful experience for your canine companion

Deshed Treatments


The warm weather of Riverside is starting to kick in again. That means many dogs are ready to shed their winter coats.

It also means that you will begin seeing a lot of hair accumulate in your home.

Dogs can get very uncomfortable carrying around bucket loads of extra dead hair on their bodies.

Riverside Pet Grooming is known for its high-quality de-shed treatments.

We begin by preparing the coat with special conditioning sprays for desheding

We then begin the bathing process using a special machine desiged for removing the undercoat. This machine will take out the majority of the undercoat right in the tub. It has a special nozzle designed for deshedding. With the techniques we use and the special shampoo and conditioner, we are able to safely get that undercoat out for your pet right there in the tub, as he enjoys his nice refreshing bath. No more stressful dry deshedding sessions or endless furmination.

Your dog wants to get the job done too.

Now we begin the drying process with one of our high velocity dryers.

The Coat is sprayed with special formulas that help the coat to release the remaining undercoat.

Then we finish off the process with the Mars Tool and/or furminator depending on coat type we are working with.

Finally, we go over it with a very fine tooth comb to smooth out and make sure no spots of heavy undercoat were missed.

If you’re in need of a deshedding treatment, come by. We’ll get the job done right.

You won’t believe your eyes how lovely your pet’s coat will look.