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Brushing Your Pet

When you are in between your groomings and baths, you should continue to brush your pet on a regular basis so as to prevent horrible matting. In this video, professional stylist Jacki Panzik will demonstrate exactly the correct tools and techniques you should be using between groomings.


Foxtails and Dogs Don’t Mix

Donnie Dog Says…

“Foxtails and Dogs are not a good combination. As a matter of fact this is a recipe for disaster… especially for dogs with long-haired coats.

“Foxtails are a dried thistle from a grassy weed that when caught in a dog’s coat, it can bury itself deep inside. They can plant themselves into the dog’s skin and continue to grind in from there. We have seen instances where they needed to be surgically removed.

“Here in Southern California there are foxtails all over the place, and all around Riverside County. Many pets come to our shop for a haircut or routine grooming, and the owner never even knew there were foxtails in the coat until we were able to do some clipping.

“Other threats of foxtails is that they can get into the ears and eyes of your pet and they can cause serious damage. Foxtails can even travel into vital organs, like the heart, the brain and the lungs which can be fatal.  If you have to go to the vet for a foxtail abscess, it can be costly and miserable for your dog.

“So, take it from Donnie Dog… Keep foxtails under control on your property. When you are out walking your dog, keep him out of any areas where foxtails are present.

“Of course, regular routine grooming by a competent professional Groomer will help ensure there are no foxtails on your loving friend.

“To learn more about California foxtails, visit this link. Here you will find a great article on them.”

Images of Foxtails



Donnie Dog

Meet Donnie Dog, the official mascot of Riverside Grooming.

Donnie Dog has been our official Grooming Shop mascot since 1997. He’s famous in Orange County as well as in Riverside. Sometimes he can be found downtown waving and greeting people as they pass by.

Now that Riverside Grooming is open, you will find his happy face on Arlington Avenue. He also sends bubbles out in the street to let the world know that they can indulge their beloved family pets by taking them to Riverside Grooming for a day at the Spaw.

If you see Donnie Dog, be sure to wave or toot your horn!