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How Often Should Your Dog Be Groomed?

Untitled-3 copyA Great Haircut is Not the Only Thing to Consider

There are many reasons your dog should be groomed on a regular basis. Ideally you should be getting your pet groomed every 4-6 weeks. No matter the breed or coat, there are many different factors that determine how often you should groom your pet. It does not solely depend on how long their coats are. Nails trimmed, ear hair, anal gland expression, teeth brushing and early detection of parasites & skin issues are the important reasons why it is important to get any breed of dog groomed regularly.

Eyes and Ears
Eyes and ears of a pet are just as important as the coat and skin. If your pet’s eyes are congested with overgrown hair or debris, it will cause them to tear up and create more debris. Even causing those ugly tear stains and can lead to painful ear infections. Also important is the removal of ear wax and yeast buildup in dogs that do not have hair in their ear canals.

When a dog’s nails are too long it can cause their pads to shift over making it uncomfortable to stand. A dog’s skeletal structure may be compromised as well as the organs and nervous system. Their dewclaws may grow into the skin as well, causing pain and infection. Left too long, the quick (blood vein in the nail) will grow to a point that the nails cannot be clipped back far enough to be healthy for your pet.

Dental Care
Doggy Dental is extremely important as well maintaining your canine’s teeth and gums is crucial for their health. Groomers can offer teeth brushing which, if done on a regular basis, can make a big difference in keeping a pet’s breath smelling fresh and preventing tooth decay.

Parasite & Insect Control
Other issues to consider are insects, dirt and germs. Do you have a fear of finding a flea or tick on your pet? Even worse if your pup has an infestation. Having a family dog, that interacts with kids and company, is important that they are insect, parasite and germ-free. Taking your pets into your Groomer can ensure that they are flea and tick free and their overall health is in tip-top shape.

Skin issues
Early detection of very serious conditions can be life-saving under certain circumstances. Groomers that do hand blow-drying see every inch of the dog’s skin during the grooming process. Skin imperfections are key to what is going on with the dog internally. For example, early detection of Cancerous Sarcomas can be the difference between life and death in some cases. Allergies, rashes & skin mite detection are also easier to alleviate if caught early. Groomers have many products and applications that can help keep dogs skin healthy if done on a regular basis.   

General Overall Health
The most important reason to get your canine regularly groomed is for their health. Riverside Grooming will thoroughly examine your pet searching, for any possibility that your dog may be uncomfortable in any way or have an issue that would be best checked by a Veterinarian.  Our Groomers strive to send your pet home feeling, looking and smelling great.

And routine Grooming every 4-6 weeks is a win-win for your entire family!


Is Your Dog Shedding Hair?


The warm weather of Riverside is starting to kick in again. That means many dogs are ready to shed their winter coats.

It also means that you will begin seeing a lot of hair accumulate in your home.

Dogs can get very uncomfortable carrying around bucket loads of extra dead hair on their bodies.

Riverside Pet Grooming is known for its high-quality de-shed treatments.

We begin by preparing the coat with special conditioning sprays for desheding

We then begin the bathing process using a special machine desiged for removing the undercoat. This machine will take out the majority of the undercoat right in the tub. It has a special nozzle designed for deshedding. With the techniques we use and the special shampoo and conditioner, we are able to safely get that undercoat out for your pet right there in the tub, as he enjoys his nice refreshing bath. No more stressful dry deshedding sessions or endless furmination.

Your dog wants to get the job done too.

Now we begin the drying process with one of our high velocity dryers.

The Coat is sprayed with special formulas that help the coat to release the remaining undercoat.

Then we finish off the process with the Mars Tool and/or furminator depending on coat type we are working with.

Finally, we go over it with a very fine tooth comb to smooth out and make sure no spots of heavy undercoat were missed.

If you’re in need of a deshedding treatment, come by. We’ll get the job done right.

You won’t believe your eyes how lovely your pet’s coat will look.

Should I shave my dog’s hair or have him de-shedded?

Shaving vs. Deshedding


  • Risk of overheating or heat stroke is increased due to lack of “insulation”.
  • Dog still continues to shed profusely.
  • Coat may not grow back especially in older dogs.
  • Coat may grow in sparsely, creating an unattractive look.
  • Risk of skin cancer is greatly increased.
  • Shaved dogs should wear sunscreen when exposed to sunlight.
  • Coat will grow back thicker with each shaving, creating a more dense coat that will shed even more.


  • Dogs will sometimes need a follow-up deshed treatment to fully remove winter undercoat. We offer a 2nd deshed within 14 days after initial treatment at the price of a Brush/Bath only.
  • Dogs may have increased shedding for 1-3 days after treatment, as the coat will continue to drop out, from follicle stimulation.
  • Dogs still have natural heating and cooling capability decreasing chances of overheating.
  • Dogs are more comfortable when properly deshedded.


Prepare for the Winter Months

Pet Grooming is certainly necessary in the summer months when it’s hot outside. But keeping your pet groomed during the winter is just as important.

First of all, during the winter months your pet won’t be able to go swimming. It’s time to be indoors for the most part and that’s when we should look and smell our best around the house.

For longer-haired pets, keeping the hair fuller is important to stay warmer. That means that hair needs to be cleaned and brushed out. Nobody wants a matted, smelly pet around. Dogs who get cut short for summer time fun are now needing more coat left on them. This means brushing often is essential. A simple “brush & fluff” service (no-bath) is available at our salon year-round, for a nominal fee. This avoids matting and profuse shedding for those dogs who shed hair. Or we can do a simple “brush & bath” withe a “tidy-up” (light trim) to keep your pet comfortable throughout the season.

Of course, the toenails need to be trimmed; ears kept clean and anal glands must be expressed as a regular routine for good health and comfort.

So, let’s all gear up for the winter and make that trip to the salon. Let’s stay cozy and warm together until springtime!

Glow & Grow | Lovely Locks

Glow and Grow is a Parmesan Cheese based product that is added to your dogs food. It is high palatable and dogs love it. Glow and Grow contains dehydrated fats and do not turn into trans fats, the harmful fats, in your dogs system. The fats in Glow and Grow are highly absorbable so you dog gets the full benefit of the calories and sustainable energy from these fats. Growing dogs, debilitated dogs that are sick or injured and in need of extra energy to keep up with demands benefit from this readily available source of energy. Performance, therapy and service dogs also gain from using this product due to their increased stress levels and need for added endurance.

Glow and grow also has amino acids in it that are effective in detoxing the kidneys and liver. Also very important for optimum health and mental clarity and stress reduction.

Lovely locks is a supplement that contains Vitamin H. also known as Biotin. Now, you don’t hear much about Vitamin H but it is a key component to supporting  thyroid gland function. Thyroid function is directly related to hair and coat so by supplementing your dogs diet with Lovely Locks you can expect to see a gorgeous, shiney, thick coat on your dog.