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Expanded Raw Pet Foods

With the advent of our 1st Anniversary Celebration, we’ve expanded our line of raw pet foods for those of you who believe in giving your pet what mother nature intended.

Our Poodles have been on the raw diet for nearly 10 years now. Their health patterns have been incredible – generation after generation. It’s interesting to see the lack of health problems from proper raw nutrition (unprocessed, grain-free foods). probiotics and other healthy supplements. In our 40-year career in the pet industry, we’ve seen major differences between different diets being provided to pets.

Here’s a sample of raw foods we offer:

One of the biggest benefits of the raw diet is the fact that all the enzymes are still intact. This allows for proper digestion, better absorption and smooth bowel movements. This helps your pet to move toxins out freely and to provide the body’s cells with a proper balance of proteins. Less food actually goes to waste, as seen in smaller stools.

We also give our dogs Kangen water which has a smaller molecule and is high-alkaline (pH 9). This way the body will absorb the water better and allow for proper hydration. The body is less acidic, which means there is a much smaller chance of your pet getting illnesses, such as cancer and degenerative diseases.

Stop by and pick up some of our yummy raw pet foods. You’ll find the full line on our web shopping cart too. Just follow this link: Raw Pet Foods

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