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Feeding Rich Foods

Feeding rich foods during the holidays has caused many pet-related problems over the years. Pancreatitis, for one, is a common issue at holiday times. And it CAN be avoided.

You’ve heard us mention Chocolate in past issues and blog posts. We simply must repeat it here, but here’s a real-life story, from our artist friend Johny Day, which he shared with his Flickr community. He titled it “Chocolat + Dog = Trouble”. The dog here is “Holly Wood”, and she can be seen in her glory in this art piece we are featuring at Riverside Grooming. Link

I’ll put opening quotes here, but you can read the full story here

Please have a positive thought for Holly…….She is OUT OF DANGER AND IS NOW HOME, ALLELUIA !!!

**** Even in 2012 i have generous open hearten people helping me and I AM SO appreciative of it , I do not have the words to thanks everyone , but you people change my life …..thank you

Holly ate close to a kilo ( 2 lbs ) of chocolate ( poison for dogs ) and ? from garbage and she is in critical condition and is spending the nite in intensive care at Animal hospital.

My sister Nathalie ( another Angel ) met me at the hospital in no time flat, Holly is a big member of our family and I believe she will be OK, I just have to believe that she will

The critical time is wet to come and I will know more in the morning , Why post this to Flickr ?

I believe a enormous amount of positive energy can be send her way and …

Because Flickr is Family

** Update time 10:30 Am

i do not have any good news , Holly is epileptic and they fear she had a super seizure while i was gone yesterday , instead of getting better , she fell in a coma… full story